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EventStorming Training

EventStorming enables teams to collaboratively model complex and changing domains, working together to identify bottlenecks and prioritize solutions, transitioning to designs that enable rapid and frequent software delivery.


We provide training for you so you can learn to facilitate sessions yourself.

With Domain-Driven Design (DDD), teams are able to tackle customer needs in complex and changing business domains, deal effectively with the challenges of legacy systems, and navigate large-scale multi-team development efforts. We provide expert training and remote coaching in DDD for agile teams. We will also be resuming onsite options in the future.


Tired of taking classes where you stare at endless bullet points in boring lectures for hours on end? Fear not! Our classes are hands-on and very interactive – expect to be immersed in discovery-based, brain-friendly learning that is both challenging and fun.

DDD Training

We really enjoyed the EventStorming workshop!  Paul’s facilitation style and methodology made the exercise easy to understand, and participation and collaboration came with ease.  He’s very good at tactfully encouraging differing opinions through thoughtful discussion. The workshop was a huge success with a highly valuable end result!​


Immersive. Understandable. Awesome! Paul has an excellent grasp of the concepts he teaches, and his techniques really help cement what is taught in your mind. He's an excellent communicator. I really enjoyed the way you taught this class. I think that using the concrete story in the beginning as the basis for the whole workshop really worked well. The collaborative aspect was also very useful. Thanks again for teaching us.

Fun, interesting, applicable!

This class is going to change the way you do your modeling and help you code maintainability and readability

This training is wonderful! You will really deep dive into DDD topics and be able to exercise what you learn in an environment that supports collaboration and learning through practice. The experience is further customized by group conversations involving how the lesson topics apply to different areas of confusion or difficulty in your company. This makes the lessons easy to take back to the office and apply with your team.

Informative, eye-opening, and practical. Paul's examples are very helpful and tangible! It helped me connect academic concepts to real world examples.

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