Strategic Domain-Driven Design
Virtual Workshop

The Strategic DDD workshop is designed for development team members and architects looking to apply DDD to scaling systems development. It is a more advanced level workshop that builds on the Essential DDD workshop, intended to introduce you to approaches and techniques such as context mapping, scaling development across multiple teams, modularization and multiple models, legacy strategies, and domain distillation.


Session 1 – Collaborative Modeling

  • Define bounded context

  • List reasons why context mapping is valuable

  • Describe key techniques for identifying context boundaries

  • Summarize key details, pros, and cons of six key DDD context relationships

  • Diagram a context map for your team's existing software landscape

Session 2 – Scaling Contexts

  • Describe techniques for enabling and strengthening component and team boundaries

  • Summarize strategies for leveraging legacy systems as assets

  • Identify how to choose between open host services, bubble context and autonomous bubble approaches
  • Explain tradeoffs when exposing legacy assets as services

Session 3 – Domain Decomposition

  • Summarize the importance of domain distillation to sustainable design

  • Explain characteristics of generic, supporting, and core subdomains 

  • Relate subdomain types to market differentiation and mission criticality

  • Describe how core domain relates to domain modeling approaches

  • Classify tactical activities according to the appropriate subdomain

  • Distill your team's subdomains

Who Should Attend

Anybody who works in software teams or with software teams will be able to fully participate in this workshop and take away concrete skills they can apply in real working situations. This includes software developers, architects, testers/QA, DevOps/DevSecOps, Product managers/owners, BAs, delivery managers, engineering managers and directors, and CTOs.


Virtual Format

  • Three instructor-led interactive 3-hour online class sessions

  • Live instruction using Zoom and Miro (collaborative online whiteboard) in each session

  • Hands-on practice during each session

  • Practical homework for you to practice in your own context between sessions and share your learning with your fellow participants


"This class is going to change the way you do your modeling and help you code maintainability and readability."


"This training is wonderful! You will really deep dive into DDD topics and be able to exercise what you learn in an environment that supports collaboration and learning through practice. The experience is further customized by group conversations involving how the lesson topics apply to different areas of confusion or difficulty in your company. This makes the lessons easy to take back to the office and apply with your team."


"Informative, eye-opening, and practical. Paul's examples are very helpful and tangible! It helped me connect academic concepts to real-world examples."