The EventStorming Handbook

Unlocking Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication for Your Teams

The book is available for early access on Leanpub (PDF and Mobi).


Paper version will follow

Featured Presentations

EventStorming - Collaborative Design
Learn about EventStorming.
Virtual EventStorming
DDD Denver virtual meetup
Fighting the Invisible Enemy
NewCrafts 2018 keynote on optimizing for team productivity
Refactoring to a Deeper Model
The epic story of a long-term refactoring.
Modeling Team Flow
Explore DDD 2018 - Modeling Team Flow
Agile and Effective Design
Domain-Driven Design 2016, January 26-29, Brussels
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Featured Articles

DDD in Practice
Refactoring to a Deeper Model - chapter in InfoQ ebook
Refactoring to a Deeper Model
There are three levels of refactorings: Code-level, micro refactorings; Refactoring to patterns; and refactoring to a deeper model
DDD - The First 15 Years (ebook)
"Domain-Driven Design as a Centered Set" - Guest Article
BDD is a Centered Community
Article on the nature of the BDD community: Open or Closed Set? Guest post on the Cucumber blog.
Aggregates & Entities in DDD
Some thoughts on distinctions between DDD aggregates and entities
Value Objects
Value objects are a key building block pattern in DDD. Here are some of the reasons why. Article 1 of 3.
EventStorming Team Flow
If you map an entire value stream flow from "concept to cash" it is common to notice how small the development team part of the process is, and it is possible that the most damaging queues in terms of economic impact are upstream or downstream from the team.
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BDD with Cucumber - Paul Rayner and Richard Lawrence
Matt Wynne and Seb Rose sat down with Richard Lawrence and Paul Rayner to talk about their new book "Behavior-Driven Development with Cucumber"
Virtual DDD (vDDD)
Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Paul Rayner en Alberto Brandolini will join us in this VDDD meetup and talk about what types of EventStorming there are, and what heuristics they use.
The Agile Revolution - Episode 127 – Storming DD’s with Paul Rayner
Craig chats with Paul Rayner, a BDD and DDD expert who helps people bridge the gap of collaborative design between developers and business representatives, at YOW! West in Perth.
Developer on Fire
Paul Rayner talks with Dave Rael about refactoring, learning a domain, Domain-Driven Design, and his Explore DDD Conference
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