​Essential Domain-Driven Design
Virtual Workshop

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Sessions 1 & 2:  Collaborative Modeling with People and Code

  • Understand what kinds of business problems DDD addresses

  • The central role of software design and how DDD fits in

  • Bridging the communication gap between business and technical people

  • Domain modeling by example for whole–team collaborative domain discovery

  • Applying EventStorming to model and design a business process effectively

  • Refactoring code towards a ubiquitous language


Sessions 3 & 4:  Supple Design and Strategic Focus

  • Applying 5 key building block patterns for expressive modeling in code

  • Using context mapping to help manage large–scale, multi-team design efforts

  • Identifying where applying DDD will have the greatest impact—your core domain

  • Architectural patterns to support DDD


Who Should Attend

Anybody who works in software teams or with software teams will be able to fully participate in this workshop and take away concrete skills they can apply in real working situations. This includes software developers, architects, testers/QA, DevOps/DevSecOps, Product managers/owners, BAs, delivery managers, engineering managers and directors, and CTOs.


Virtual Format

  • Four instructor-led interactive 3-hour online class sessions

  • Live instruction using Zoom and Miro (collaborative online whiteboard) in each session

  • Hands-on practice during each session

  • Practical homework for you to practice in your own context between sessions and share your learning with your fellow participants


"This training connects the dots of the core concepts of DDD with a good mix of theory, experience & hands-on learning. It allowed me to find what the next step should be in my learning and applying to my DDD journey."

"Immersive. Understandable. Awesome! Paul has an excellent grasp of the concepts he teaches, and his techniques really help cement what is taught in your mind. He's an excellent communicator. I really enjoyed the way you taught this class."

"Fun, interesting, applicable!"