​EventStorming Facilitation
Virtual Workshop


Collaboration between different disciplines in your organization can be difficult, and finding clarity and alignment on both the right problem to solve and the right solution design even more so. We each approach improvement from our own (limited) perspective, without taking into account the whole story. How is that effective?  EventStorming is a workshop format that promotes collaboration between different disciplines in order to solve business problems in the most effective way.

In this highly hands-on and interactive virtual workshop, you'll learn advanced EventStorming facilitation skills spanning from large-scale business discovery to collaborative solution design at the team level.

Learn how to facilitate the different EventStorming formats applied to real business problems, taking into account the different perspectives (including the facilitator). Practice applying EventStorming to various problems, reflecting on your learning and questions as we go deeper into the techniques.  Learn tips and tricks for effective facilitation of collaborative workshops in both in-person and virtual settings, and practice planning an event storming session for your own context.  Our goal is for you to leave the workshop energized and ready to put into practice what you've learned.



Session 1 - EventStorming as a big picture discovery tool

  • Quick kick-off: where are we and where we want to go

  • EventStorming dry-run: modeling a narrative

  • Exploring the whole using Big Picture EventStorming - mastering complexity and unknowns in large scale modeling

  • Identifying emergent boundaries through structural elements such as key events

  • Managing conflicts, highlighting risk, and the problems really worth solving

  • EventStorming as a platform for problem-solving

Session 2 - Using EventStorming to model a process

  • Process Modeling EventStorming: a cross-discipline platform for collaborative modeling

  • Improving our process exploring motivations of different actors

  • A different perspective on software design: the picture that explains everything

  • Make policies explicit

  • Design around value: hidden and explicit motivators

  • Constraining modeling to specific business cases to stay focused

Session 3 - Using EventStorming to design a system

  • Design-Level EventStorming: leveraging collaborative modeling to sketch bullet-proof models quickly

  • Aggregates and consistency: independent moving parts in a large system

  • Design around the bottleneck: changing the rules of the game

  • Blend user experience design and service design into software design

  • Triggering bullet-proof design with visible state

  • The transaction illusion

  • From sticky notes to working software. When to go for a sophisticated architecture


Session 4 - Putting it all into practice

  • Virtual and in-person facilitation tips and tricks

  • Design your own EventStorming workshop and present it for feedback


Who Should Attend

Anybody who works in software teams or with software teams will be able to fully participate in this workshop and take away concrete skills they can apply in real working situations. This includes software developers, architects, testers, product owners, business analysts, delivery managers, engineering managers, directors, and CTOs.


Virtual Format

  • Four instructor-led hands-on 3-hour online class sessions.

  • Live instruction using Zoom and Miro (i.e. collaborative online whiteboard) in each session.

  • We will be doing group exercises in Zoom breakout rooms.

  • By spreading the training into shorter interactive virtual sessions, we minimize the impact to your daily work and keep your energy levels high.

  • You will need a good webcam, internet connection, and microphone to participate in this workshop. In order to maximize engagement, we require all participants to keep their webcams on during the workshop.


"We really enjoyed the EventStorming workshop!  Paul’s facilitation style and methodology made the exercise easy to understand, and participation and collaboration came with ease.  He’s very good at tactfully encouraging differing opinions through thoughtful discussion. The workshop was a huge success with a highly valuable end result!"

"Our EventStorming session with Paul was a huge success. He’s very adept at guiding and informing the process while allowing participants to storm, discuss, and ultimately reach their own conclusions. We emerged from the session with a much better understanding and greater agreement around our domains."