“Paul's EventStorming workshop gave me a simple, intuitive and powerful method for solving one of the biggest problems in software development - how to get a shared understanding of a system and how that system may be improved. It also fosters the development of a common language to describe a system, which leads to consistency from stakeholders' requirements all the way down to code.

Lack of a common understanding of business processes and a common language to describe them has been the single biggest challenge of the work I've recently been engaged in, and I wish I'd been able to do this workshop six months earlier!”

- EventStorming workshop attendee

"Paul is gifted at what he does.  His methodology around event storming combined with his style helped guide our team to a game plan we all believe in.  And we had fun doing it!"


"Our event storming session with Paul was a huge success. He’s very adept at guiding and informing the process while allowing participants to storm, discuss and ultimately reach their own conclusions. We emerged from the session with a much better understanding and greater agreement around our domains."


"Simply Fantastic! We tried running an Event Storming session on our own and it wasn't successful. At which point we decided to reach out to Paul and it was probably the best decision we made. His knowledge and approach immensely helped us and the workshop was a grand success. Both engineers and product folks walked out with a better understanding of our system. It also paved the path for us to standardize our terminology and get to an ubiquitous language. Paul really enabled an extremely collaborative session with members from different facets of our team. The outcomes of the workshop are guiding us not only in our architecture but also in aligning our teams to match our business capabilities."


"We really enjoyed the event storming workshop!  Paul’s facilitation style and methodology made the exercise easy to understand, and participation and collaboration came with ease.  He’s very good at tactfully encouraging differing opinions through thoughtful discussion.  The workshop was a huge success with a highly valuable end result!"

- Testimonials from a 2 day Big Picture EventStorming onsite client workshop (mixture of devs, QA, product, managers)

Domain-Driven Design (DDD)


This training connects the dots of the core concepts of DDD with a good mix of theory, experience & hands-on learning. It allowed me to find what the next step should be in my learning and applying to my DDD journey.


Yves Lorphelin, Analyst/Developer - Spikes


Immersive. Understandable. Awesome! Paul has an excellent grasp of the concepts he teaches, and his techniques really help cement what is taught in your mind. He's an excellent communicator. I really enjoyed the way you taught this class. I think that using the concrete story in the beginning as the basis for the whole workshop really worked well. The collaborative aspect was also very useful. Thanks again for teaching us.


Frank van den Brink, Software Craftsman - Pragmatist


"We have had agile training in the past, but we have never been able to move from theory to practice with any real success.  Paul has a way of cutting through the typical agile training hand waving by focusing on the core agile principals and making them understandable, accessible, and practical.  The team exercises were designed to not only teach those principals but to also break down the behaviors that have kept us from moving forward and give us a common foundation to continue building on."


Gary Swartz, Technical Lead – Enterprise Team, Alteryx Inc.

“It’s clear that Paul truly believes in what he teaches, and his expertise and measured demeanor creates a level of trust with his students that facilitates learning in a safe environment.  His technical pockets are deep, and regardless of the question asked by a student, he provides a concrete answer from his own consulting experience often backed with examples from the agile literature. The experience was truly transformative!”


Stephen Ahlgren, Software Developer - Core Engine, Alteryx Inc

Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD)

“Paul not only has a vast technical knowledge of BDD, but he is also very good at analyzing businesses too. These skills have enabled him to suggest how best to implement BDD into our projects in a way which we can comfortably work using new tools and techniques with existing ones with which we are familiar.


We now understand how to focus and we are a lot quicker getting our projects live and providing value. It is a difficult thing to admit, but prior to working with Paul, we had no real understanding of value, either to our business or our customers. Paul has helped us identify the real problems and what would be the quickest solutions to them that will bring value to the company and our users.”


Ingram Monk, Technical Director, IFP Ltd.


“Paul hosted a half-day workshop for us at CukeUp NYC 2014. I was extremely impressed both with his facilitation technique and his deep understanding of the subject of BDD. He has a relaxed, friendly style that encourages everyone to participate in group discussions, and puts people at their ease. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paul to my clients as a coach or instructor.”


Matt Wynne, co-author of The Cucumber Book and co-founder of Cucumber Ltd.
Clear, thoughtful, useful. Paul makes the training relevant. Other materials on BDD are nuts and bolts but Paul puts together a working philosophy you can use.


Randy Madsen, Center for Clinical and Translational Science, Senior Technical Lead - University of Utah


I thought the training was very worthwhile. It makes sense; it creates (desperately needed) shared understanding; it can be tested. I am really happy about getting BDD training because it will ultimately benefit our end users enormously, and that's the whole point.  I understand that Gherkin is intended to be a coding language (to an extent), but I believe BDD can be applied to many situations, not just software development.  We used it to map out a process the other day.


Mindy Tueller, Medical Home Portal Manager - University of Utah