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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the virtual format work?

Paul teaches Event Storming as a virtual workshop, combining four sessions spread over two weeks with offline practice. This maximizes learning while minimizing the impact on everyday work. The EventStorming virtual workshop consists of:

  • Three 3-hour live instruction video (Zoom) sessions. 

  • Collaborative curriculum and Event Storming space using Miro.

  • Breakout rooms for small-group exercises.

  • ~15 mins of self-directed attendee prep-work prior to the workshop.

  • 20-30 mins of offline small group applied practice between sessions.

  • Attendees complete a feedback survey at the end of the workshop and receive a copy of the workshop slides upon completion of the workshop.

Attendees will need a quality webcam and microphone and access to Zoom and Miro.

What is the difference between facilitation and coaching?


How long does it take to book a workshop like this?

Availability will typically be several months out.  Dates will be confirmed once a proposal is signed. 


The time it takes to book the workshop depends on how long the process is for you to gain budget approvals and for your company to process a new vendor, send out a PO (if applicable), and pay our invoice. 


What will this cost us?



Are you willing to come onsite?

In a pre-pandemic world, absolutely! And Paul is looking forward to being able to do so again once he is safely vaccinated and certain state restrictions are lifted.

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