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We Provide Facilitation


When facilitating a workshop for your team(s), we guide you through the whole process. This includes the planning stage, where we work through an EventStorming workshop planning canvas together to ensure the workshop will achieve the correct outcomes and be successful. For a virtual workshop, we'll help you plan out the schedule of sessions and agenda, and figure out who needs to be involved. Then we'll expertly facilitate the actual sessions.


Typical virtual workshops will involve a series of 3-hour sessions spread over multiple days, with the actual number depending on the scope of the workshop (e.g. a "big picture" workshop may be 4 sessions, combined with some asynchronous work). We will also work with you after the workshop to review the learning, and help you define and to clarify any next steps.

"Our EventStorming session with Paul was a huge success. He’s very adept at guiding and informing the process while allowing participants to storm, discuss, and ultimately reach their own conclusions. We emerged from the session with a much better understanding and greater agreement around our domains."

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